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Welcome to the Interagency Child Protection Information Management System!

Save the Children, the International Rescue Committee (IRC) and UNICEF have been working together since 2005 to promote the use of a standard inter-agency child protection information management system (IA CP IMS) for the child protection sector. This information management system is a practical, field-level tool that supports effective case management. It is comprised of database software and accompanying ‘tools’, such as template paper forms and data protection protocols.


The original demand for this system came from Family Tracing and reunification programs in emergencies. The system has also been used to facilitate case management in Release and Reintegration programs, programs supporting children with specific vulnerabilities in camp settings.  An upgraded version of the IA CP IMS was rolled out in late 2009 with further enhancements in 2011. The new software and accompanying tools now have the ability to support any thematic area of child protection, including those supporting child protection systems building with governments. So far, the IA CP IMS has been used in 20 countries by a range of child protection actors, including national and international organizations and governments. 

UNICEF, IRC and Save the Children sit on the global Steering Committee of the IA CP IMS and provide strategic direction to the global project. In 2012 the steering committee developed a long term vision for the IA CP IMS focused on scale and sustainability. 

Considering using the IMS?  You can learn more by viewing our introductory documents which provide a comprehensive overview of the IA CP IMS or by viewing the e-learning tutorial which demonstrates both how it works and its many capabilities. Any child protection practitioner interested in knowing more about or using the IA CP IMS should also contact the IA CP IMS Steering Committee for more information.

 The aim of this website is to allow current users to login and have easy access to documents and up-to-date information as well as to access support in using the IA CP IMS. The website is also a great way for users to share information on their work and their experiences in using the IA CP IMS in the various countries and contexts.

To date the IA CP IMS has been used in the following countries (updated August 2012):


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